Inspirations: Week 2

This picture shows the character Davy Jones being brought to life in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean by the company Industrial Light and Magic.  I find this to be inspiring because they used a multitude of methods from various disciplines to create the final product.  The technique that they used in particular that was revolutionary was a new tracking technique.  Instead of using bulky tracking nodes, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) created a tracking dust that they were able to put on the actor’s face.  This allowed them to track the movements in fine detail of the actor’s facial movements, consequently making a more realistic Davy Jones.

This video is an excerpt from the film Lord of the Rings Return of the King.  The animation and compositing was all done by a company called Weta Digital.  The company used again many techniques to create the shot.  They used a computer generated double for the character Legolas (Orlando Bloom) partially through the clip.  The clip is inspiring because of the seemless composite between the real life footage and computer generated material.  In addition the camera angles and movements in the clip make the scene seem more epic.


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